Another place, another time, another life


I love you too’, she cooed back into the phone while doodling in her notebook sporting this huge smile on her face. Nobody could argue against it, they were in love, Chinenye and Ifeanyi were the school couple. They went everywhere, did everything together. Their feelings for each other were so obvious, almost touchable.

‘I go love o’,  teased on of her classmates, Dayo. She smiled. He sat beside her and they began talking, their classmates were getting rowdy while waiting for the lecturer who was already 30minutes late. People were cracking jokes, others were laughing uncontrollably, Chinenye was laughing so hard, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

‘Prof said he won’t be able to make it,  the class will hold tomorrow by 12 noon ‘, the class representative announced.

Everyone stood up to leave, the jokes were still on, at least the day was over early so they could meet to work on their project.

They met in the seminar room every evening, discussing, exchanging ideas, rubbing minds. The occasional heated exchange of words occurred, there were a few volatile ones among them.

Somehow, Chinenye and Dayo grew close, they confided in each other about different things, family, their respective relationships, school challenges, future goals. Somewhere at the back of her mind, she noticed that they were alike in some ways and that he was good looking.

She began to look out for him in class, it was a subtle fondness. She didn’t see it as anything plus nobody saw it as anything. Any blind person could see that she was in love with her boyfriend Ifeanyi.

On one of those nights when Ifeanyi traveled out of campus, she and her classmates were putting finishing touches to their project presentation, so they finished quite late and Dayo decided to walk her to her hostel, they began talking about the project, plans after graduation, when she suddenly tripped over a rock, Dayo caught her and suddenly the atmosphere changed. He looked into her eyes, and didn’t let go. She stared back in confusion, then gently pulled back and they continued their journey in silence.

Days became weeks, weeks became months, and final exams were around the corner.

Ifeanyi was a darling during exams as usual, he sent food to her, bought her a new rechargeable lamp, made sure that nothing else but the exams was taking her time and energy.

Graduation day came at last, she hugged her classmates for what might be the last time, Dayo’s girlfriend, parents and well wishers were around to celebrate, hers were as well.

As soon as the graduands flocked out of the hall in their academic gowns, people came to hug and congratulate, photographers were snapping away and it was in the midst of the excitement that Ifeanyi held Chinenye’s hand, looked into her eyes, smiled and wordlessly went on one knee.

All the females began screaming as he asked her to be his wife. With tears in her eyes and joy in her heart, she said yes.

They got married a year later.

She and her classmates still kept in touch and while they were talking on their group chat one of those random evenings, she looked through her yearbook which was propped on her protruding belly, she stopped at Dayo’s picture and smiled. She closed the book, put out her bedside lamp and cuddled her sleeping husband.

Her last thoughts before drifting off to sleep were, ‘we might have worked though and probably in another place, another time, another life, it would have been awesome to be in love with Dayo’

She woke up to stare at her still sleeping husband, smiled and cuddled him closer and thought to herself, ‘even then, Ifeanyi would have come to her life somehow’.

‘I guess I’ll never know, but I know that I got the best deal’,  she snapped out of her musings and went to urinate.


Hey there

So, yeah!! Here I am, again. To be honest, I had forgotten this blog. But boredom made me remember it.

I broke my leg sometime last December and have been on compulsory home arrest, so I’m forced to write again.

Read my series, twisted paths, it felt like another person’s story, I don’t even remember much of it. To be honest, I don’t even know how to end it, that is if I eventually do.

Anyway, the cleaning crew will stop by to give this place a thorough cleaning.

I’m embarking on a rediscovery and new discovery journey, it began yesterday #61daysofhappiness. Doing the things I used to love and discovering new interests.

So yeah, the blog is being revived. Expect a post latest by noon tomorrow.

Thanks y’all

Twisted paths …. Dear mother

Hello everyone, wow!!!!! The dust in here an choke the hosts of heaven, *coughs*. I haven’t even here in forever. This series is two years old and two years dead, but now it has been revived *inserts bring me back to life soundtrack*. I am deeply, really sorry for not writing for you guys, please forgive me. Thanks.

You might need to start from the prologue to get a hang of the story. At least I had to.

Now to the story.

Ifunnaya opened her eyes and felt around for Samantha, her hand connected with wood, she tried turning around to look for her daughter, then she noticed the cold. ‘That’s strange’ she thought to herself, it felt like winter plus her hands were as cold as ice. It was so dark, ‘who turned out the lights?’ Was their generator bad? Oh well, they’d have to manage with the rechargeable lamp, Samantha hated darkness and she didn’t want her daughter to wake up to this deep, thick darkness. She made to get up from the bed but her legs felt rather heavy, then as she tried to sit up, her head hit something hard. It felt like wood, wait, where was she? She lifted her arms, they also felt heavy,and they connected with what felt and sounded like wood, what was all this wood all around her? Then from somewhere she couldn’t pinpoint, a faint voice reached her ears, the voice was weeping. It was coming from way above her head, wait, not one voice, many voices…. ‘Ashes to ashes, dust to dust’, a man’s voice called out…. ‘Mummy, mummy, come back!!!!’ Wasn’t that Samantha’s voice? The voices grew louder, why were they crying? ‘We will meet at the feet of the Master on that sweet day, don’t cry like the heathen, Ifunnaya is not gone forever, our Saviour said he will raise the dead on the last day’, the man continued. ‘Wait, no, noooo, nooooooo!!!!!! I’m not dead, let me out of here!!!! Somebody!!!! Please!!!!!’ She began hitting the roof of what she had just discovered was her casket.

‘Mum! Mum!! Wake up!!!’, Samantha shook her mother who was thrashing around on the bed. She bolted up, sweating profusely, her eyes adjusting to the familiar room. She hugged her daughter, ‘it’s just a dream’, she breathed with relief. The doctor’s words came back to her, ‘get out before you end up in our morgue and take your daughter with you’. She knew what she had to do.

‘Mummy, mummy’, Temi heard Lolade calling to her from a distance, she opened her eyes. Why was she so tired? Where was she? She opened her eyes and groped around her, she winced as glass pricked her palm, why was there broken glass around her and what was she doing on the floor? She struggled to sit up, her eyes met her daughter’s, wide as saucers, fear and curiousity radiating from them. Something was obviously wrong. Then she saw the knife and it all came back. Oh my God! She exclaimed as it dawned on her what just happened. Lolade was just staring at her mother curiously. I need help, I seriously need help, I nearly killed a man tonight, she drew her daughter to herself and hugged her. For her daughters sake, she was going to brave the dark past and get help. She cleaned up the kitchen, threw out the ham and carried her daughter to her bedroom, she saw the painting that Lolade had made and smiled, ‘don’t worry baby’, she said to her daughter who had fallen asleep, ‘nothing will tear us apart’, she then carried her to her own bedroom .

She saw him through Samantha’s window, he was wheeling a suit case, she saw his red passport as he put it in his breast pocket and deduced that he was travelling to England, she waited for him to drive out then she looked at the clock, 6am.

She prepared breakfast for Samantha, they got dressed, she wore a hooded zip down dress and shades, dropped her daughter off at school and headed to Ikoyi, her parents house. As she turned into the street that housed her childhood memories, she smiled briefly, her dad had taught her to ride a bike on this street, she and her mum had walked their dogs on this same street. She longed to come back, to turn back the hands of time, she wanted to be a child once more.

She pressed her horn and a young, unsmiling security officer opened it. Where was Musa? He was obviously waiting for something, when it dawned on her that he did not know her and was waiting for some identification, I’m ifunnaya, your boss’ daughter. He immediately began to gush and proceeded to usher her in.

The house was the same, well, almost, her old dog had since long died, her swing had broken and had been discarded. She looked at the house wistfully and held back tears, this was her fortress, she and her daughter would be safe here.

She knocked, Mrs Coker opened the door, something’s never change. The housekeepers face hadn’t aged a day and except for the gray hair, she looked pretty much the same. ‘Ifunnaya! This is a pleasant surprise’, they exchanged pleasantries, ‘is all well, it’s not even eight yet’, she asked. ‘All is well Aunty, where’s my mother?, she asked even though she knew where she was,

She went to her mothers bedroom, for some reason, her mother insisted on having her own room in a separate wing of the house, she told Ifunnaya that she and her father liked to play hide and seek and moving rooms made the game more fun.

She met her mother studying her bible on her bed. She observed the older woman from the door and noticed the new lines on her face, her hair was graying some more, she had gotten older since she saw her last on Samantha’s twelfth birthday. Sensing a presence, Mrs Agu looked up and smiled, ‘Naya my child, why didn’t you tell me you were visiting? How are you sweetheart, how’s Samantha? When are you bringing her to see me? What about Mark? i was watching the news…. The smile faded and the older woman stopped when ifunnaya began to cry, she then proceeded to take her shades off as well as the good of her sundress.

‘Chineke!!!’ her mother exclaimed in shock, ‘were you attacked by an animal?’. She rushed to her daughter’s side to inspect the bruises. Ifunnaya unzipped her dress and her mother stood rooted to the spot speechless, as she saw her daughter’s battered body, the tears fell freely, shock paving the way for recognition and in that instant Mrs Beverly Agu knew.

She knew that her daughter her made the same mistake she made many years ago, she had married an animal.

Temi managed to rustle up a sick leave for three days, she packed bags for her and Lolade and hit the road, she tried to clear her head so she could concentrate on her driving. She needed to see her mother, she hadn’t seen the woman since Kanmi unceremoniously called off their relationship. Hmm, Kanmi, that bastard. Well who could blame him?

She could.

He had promised to be there for her no matter what. She shook her head as if to physically shake off thoughts of her former fiancé.

She willed her thoughts back to her mother, she loved that woman something fierce. Her weak, spineless mother, who couldn’t take care of herself talk less of her daughter. Her thoughts went to her father, his face took form in her mind, handsome man he was, tall and proud. Well he wasn’t so tall and proud that night, was he? That night will always torment her, but if she had to she’d do it again. He was going to kill her mother and she wasn’t going to have that.

She saw the welcome to Ibadan sign and sighed, she hated this city because it brought back so many terrible memories, her ghosts were hanging everywhere waiting to torment her, well at least, the weather was sunny. That had to count for something.

Her mother was gardening, tending to her precious plants in her overly spacious house in new Bodija. Temi still hated this house, but as she watched her mother love those shrubs into life, she remembered how she took care of her mother, dressed her wounds, applied ointment on her bruises, she had inherited her mothers hands, healing hands, they called them.

‘Good afternoon mummy’, her mother looked up, ‘Temilade’, she smiled, removed her rubber gloves, then her eyes fell on Lolade who was hiding behind her mothers legs. She couldn’t believe it, she could have sworn that it was Temi as a child, but Temi was here as an adult, this had to be her, the little bastard wretch.

Her bastard, wretch of a grandchild.
Her grandchild.

She didn’t even realise the tears were flowing freely on her face.

‘Lolade, that’s my mummy, your grandma, say good afternoon’. Temi instructed her daughter, while watching the display of emotions on her mother’s face.

‘Good afternoon Ma’, the child said politely from behind her mothers legs.

‘Come’, and Lolade went to her. ‘You’re so pretty’ she studied the little girl’s face for a few minutes, ‘do you want a flower?’ Lolade’s smile was instantaneous. Temi wiped her face, her eyes met her mother’s and for the first time in forever, she was glad to be home.

‘Mum, please call your shrink for me, I’m losing my mind. I almost killed a man, please mummy, I need to go to uch tomorrow to see him, help me book an appointment’. She sat beside her mother on the grass, watching Lolade meander through the garden.

She whispered, ‘mum, please help me, I don’t want another man’s blood on my hands’. She was too caught up in her confusion to notice the look on her mother’s face.

The same way she was too confused that night to notice that her dad was still breathing after she hit him severally with her mother’s wok.

the mirror

When I look into the mirror what do I see? My physical image staring at me. Then the mirror cracks and I see beyond what should ordinarily be seen. The real me. Broken, wounded, burnt, giving up. I see failure. Failure to be the best at the few challenges life has thrown at me. Failure to put my life in order, failure in exercising self restraint and curbing indulgence and indiscipline. Failure in being the woman I’m supposed to be, a healthy, balanced, stable woman, a secure woman, a woman after God’s heart. I have failed at my life. Everybody just sees the cheer, the bubbly exterior, only a few can sense the decay, the crumbling, the wilting, the fact that I’m not-so-slowly falling apart.

But today, I’m gonna rewrite my story, like a phoenix, I’m going to rise again. From my ashes, I will be reborn. I will fly again and never die. I shall mount with wings like an eagle, I shall run and not grow weary, I shall walk and not faint.

My life will be steady again, stable, fruitful again. I shall take the reins and get rid of my blubbering, slobbering self and be the woman of worth and virtue that God wants me to me.

Then I shall look into the mirror again and smile because God will be smiling back at me.


Sometimes, I just don’t want to get out of bed,

Not because I’m lazy like that of which I could be sometimes,

But because, I just don’t wanna face the day ahead.

Sleep is my escape, my fortress, the wall around me in these times.

For therein I don’t feel the hurt, the pain, the despair,

From dream to meaningless dream, from toss to restless toss,

I esconce myself in its embrace in fear,

Hoping that in my dreams, I won’t bleed, or feel the loss.

I see my life from afar off, my soul meandering through,

The murky, shadowy, alleys, the maze of my other existence.

I close my eyes and I can hear you breathing, I open them and I see you.

My smile is unrivalled as I touch your face in reverence.

We must now leave, and love each other fiercely on this side,

I need to look at you, and cling to you, for we haven’t got too much time.

I look into your eyes and get lost in depths so deep, so wide,

I hear the bells of reality slowly but audible begin to chime.

Everything is perfect and time is suspended in eternity,

Because we are together you and me and boundless space,

I don’t wanna go back, to face my life in reality,

But I realise that I will and the tears stream down my face,

Calmly at first, then they come pouring like a dam undone,

I can feel the searing, white hot blinding pain of I being pulled back here,

I see our fingers disentangle and I look at your face fading, the light is blinding like the sun.

My exhilaration is replaced by pain, please leave me here,

I’m back in my reality, and the pain is so fierce,

The sea of glass and knives so turbulent and I get lost in them again.

Many shards my poke me, I’m bleeding because my heart they pierce,

So please don’t wake me, because I don’t want to leave this dream,

I never seem to stay asleep enough, when it’s you I’m dreaming of,

I don’t wanna wake up and face a life this grim.

But I don’t have choice, the sun is up and I have to get off.

The rays promise me that twilight will surely come again,

And I shall meet you there again, you and me in boundless space.

stay peaceful


Ok, it hit me really hard when I came back today and I realised that she had actually moved out. I didn’t know how attached I was till now. I was expecting it, thought I was ready but… I guess not. So, this here is for her.

Home from the rain, the silence meets me,

Loud, thick all around and I wonder why.

Then, it dawns on me that she’s not here,

Either huddled over a device checking herr time line,

Or animatedly regaling us with tales of who or what,

I look around and it’s empty, totally devoid of her,

And it’s almost as if she were never here, it could as well have been a dream.

But in our hearts her essence has been imprinted and her smile lingers.

Well I sure am glad that she’s not faraway,

But nothing prepared me for the day that will herald her eventual departure.

Everyone needs their space I know and I’m glad she shared ours,

And even though it’s all in the past now,

I’m so glad that it’s also all in the future.

Fly baby girl, soar high. Will miss you a lot. The both of us surely will. We love you so much, both of us most surely do

beacon in the dark

beacon in the dark

stay peaceful

twisted paths episode 4- young eyes

‘Sup y’all, been getting lotsa feedback about the story. Just trying to keep it twisted for y’all to unravel, in the end, it will all be as clear as day *rubbing beard like a herbalist*. Y’all just keep reading, tell your friends to read, I have nothing against your enemies reading it also. Ok enough chit chat, let’s move.


Lolade heard her mummy open the door, and she had to hurry up, the four year old was planning a surprise for her mother. She had gotten up from her pretend slumber as soon as her mummy went out with that man because she didn’t want her mummy to know what she was up to. She giggled to herself as she used her crayons to colour the picture she had been working on, a picture of both of then together walking on the beach. Mummy would soon come and check on her and she wanted to be done so she would put it on her table where her mummy would see it when she comes to kiss her forehead the way she did every night. It had been raining since mummy went out, well she didn’t mind, lightning or thunder didn’t faze the four year old, she continued her colouring project.

Ifunnaya watched her husband approach her and wondered what he was going to do this time. She looked at him and replied, ‘we went to watch a movie after I closed from work’. The man looked at her scornfully and sneered, ‘it is you that will teach that girl all the evil she will know, how can you take her to the movies at this age?’. Now, Ifunnaya wasn’t in the mood to quarrel, ‘Mark, do you mind? I’m tired…’, she began as she walked past him to her room.

There, she was done. She inspected her work and smiled, her two front teeth were missing and she had gotten N100 under her pillow where she put them, just like her mummy had said. She was waiting for her mummy to come upstairs, what was taking her so long? Thunder cracked and she sat up, what was that? It sounded like breaking glass, she had just broken mummy’s favourite tumbler last week so the sound was still fresh in her head. Maybe mummy has hurt herself with the glass just like she had, she got down from her bed and wore her slippers and went downstairs to check on her mummy.

Samantha had her ears glued to the door. She hated when daddy was home, she strained her ears to listen to what her parents were saying. The last time they fought, she had cried and cried, it was her fault they were always fighting, she gave her daddy water to wash his hands and forgot to bring a napkin, she was so scared that night. She wanted to kill herself and she had read on the internet that if she took too much insulin, she’d die from that big word…hypoglycaemia.. Yes that was the word, so she had done it, maybe they will stop fighting and he will stop hurting mummy when she was gone. She didn’t die that night, she woke up in the hospital to see mummy crying and holding her hand. Why was daddy like that? Is that how everybody’s daddy was?

She had almost made it past him when he grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her back, ‘haven’t I warned you never to come back to this house later than 8pm?’ And with that he slapped her, she didn’t even see it coming, usually, she’d duck but this one connected with her face, her ears began to ring, her eyes were still adjusting to the spectrum of colours she was seeing.’You are so shameless, parading yourself so that men can see you, so which one came to meet you eh?’, he said as he removed his leather belt, she stumbled forward, she had to get to her room and bolt it. Thwaiiii!!!!! The belt landed on her arm, ‘now I’m hungry and I can’t eat because my wife went out to watch a movie eh??’, he punctuated each word with a belt lash, she was huddled against the wall now, trying to shield herself from him. Ifunnaya knew she had to get out, that was the only thought on her mind, before he dropped the belt and….

Samantha was crying, she sat against the door on the floor. Why? Why did she ask her mummy to take her to the movies, she heard the belt crack, she heard her scream, she was trying to run away from daddy. The belt lashes finally stopped, it was over. Then it rang in her ears, a bloodcurdling scream, it sounded like her mother. Why was she screaming like that? Then she heard the dull thuds, it sounded like he was punching her. She opened the door.

Lolade didn’t see anybody in the living room although the television was on, then she decided to check the kitchen because her mummy liked to bring her milk and cookies anytime she came back. She entered the kitchen and saw her mummy, she wasn’t smiling, she looked angry and there was a man on the floor. Why was mummy was holding a knife like that bad woman she saw in that movie in aunty Tochi’s house?

Mark had her pinned to the wall, her face was already swollen from the first few blows, her eyes met her daughter’s and Samantha found herself on his back, biting, scratching, ‘leave my mummy alone!!!’, he threw her off his back, picked up his belt and walked towards her. When Ifunnaya saw that he was going for their daughter, strength came from nowhere, she bolted and carried her away from his path and in a split second ran into Samantha’s room and bolted the door. ‘Ifunnaya, come out now!!! You better come out before I break this door!!!’ They pushed the wardrobe and table against the door. Thank God the doors were solid oak doors, Ifunnaya, held her daughter, close to her, both of them sobbing. He kept on banging the door, shouting threats, she closed her already swollen, purple eyes. They were safe at least for now.

She and Samantha went to the bathroom, she removed her clothes which were torn already and Samantha began crying again when she saw her mum’s body, mottled, bruised, in various places, her lip bleeding, her face bloodied. ‘Mummy, I’m sorry, so sorry’, she sobbed. ‘Ssshhhh, baby, don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault’, she finished bathing her daughter, tucked her into bed and went back to the bathroom. She looked at the mirror and stared at the stranger staring back at her. The tears began running down her face, stinging as they made their descent. She cleaned her wounds, went to Samantha’s bed and watched her sleep. She was going to protect her daughter from anyone who wanted to hurt her, she vowed silently as she pulled up the covers.

Temi got down on her knees and raised the knife. It was time for him to pay, she looked him in the eye and was about to stab him when she heard a scream. She looked up and saw a little girl standing in her kitchen. She recognised her immediately. She looked at her hand, looked at Tayo, recognition, confusion and shock showing in her eyes before she passed out.

Tayo didn’t know what had just happened, was he alive? He heard his heart pounding furiously and figured that ghosts didn’t have hearts, so he had to be alive. What the hell just happened? One minute he was trying to score with Temi, the next minute she was trying to kill him. He crawled towards her direction and pushed the knife far from her reach then looked at the girl, a split image of Temi. His mind must be playing tricks on him. He opened his eyes and looked again, yep, she was real and her eyes were like round saucers in her oval face, fear, shock and confusion written all over her face. Whoever she was, he owed her his life. He struggled to stand up and he grunted in pain, a fresh reminder of what had almost happened.

He had heard of them but he never knew he’d meet a psychopath in his life. This one was in the form of a beautiful and obviously disturbed doctor.



Listening to Don’t Wake Me by Skillet in this reading room trying to read some haematology. See, I have this exam in about three months and I really need to read, seriously. My mum will freak out if she sees another post from because she has been begging me to put off my writing till after the exam. But I have to write this one.

The song I’m listening to is a ballad about somebody’s lost love one, I’m wondering how it applies to what I’m about to write and I realise EVERYTHING.

Some months ago, actually August last year, some colour in the form of you was added to our room and our lives. Vese and I had known you were coming, so we cleared a little portion of our wardrobes for you, I cleared under my bed because somehow I suspected you’d show up with a lot of luggage. The arrangement was that you’d stay on my bed with me, and put most of your stuff on my side. Then you finally came, box and bags in tow on a Saturday or was it Sunday evening? Can’t exactly remember.

Before I just used to look at you from a distance and say to myself, ‘see this fine, yellow pawpaw oyinbo girl’. Ok, I still say it. The three of us would talk and talk about everything, gist, laugh, argue, encourage each other and bit by bit, the space you occupied was exceeding the confines of our 13 by 13 room.

You’d come back from school almost everyday and say, ‘guess what happened today or guess who I saw on twitter’ and from there we’d move to all kinds of topics. It became routine, the norm to always have you come back and say, ‘guess what this or that’.

I remember when somebody hurt you so much and how you decided to tell me, I’d never have guessed you were hurting so much, I remember telling you to move on and how you told me something I’ll never forget, that you can’t tell your heart who to love.

Then I’d want to go out and we’d go together, really cool, like we were each other’s side kick. We went almost everywhere together, to go and eat shawarma, edikainkong, afang soup, some pasta at cafe chrysalis. Do you remember that day when we both went to register me at the gym? You laughed when you saw the new diet I was supposed to be on that I never followed for a single moment. We went to that amala joint in the rain, to eat what was supposed to be my last calorie laden food, amala, goat meat, bokoto and you just shook your head.

Do you remember when had to go to Lagos together to shop for the finalists in fellowship, how we got a free ride and how we walked all over Ojuelegba looking for a sustain pedal and how we quarrelled over what watch to buy at that place where they sell all the watches in the world?

What about when we stayed at Lekki with Doyin and Money, went to the palms, ate and window shopped? And how we left Lagos so late that night.

What about when we went to that Yemetu tailor together and met those two Poly guys at that amala joint?

Do you remember our pancake and jam phase? How we finished Vese’s flour making pancakes. You taught me how to make pancakes.

How I dragged you to perform in that drama with me?

How we struggled to get our ‘The Experience’ tickets on your blackberry at odd hours of the day. How we went for the experience and when you lost your blackberry? That day was bittersweet, it was painful to stand there watching you grieve your bold 4 and not be able to do anything about it. Later,you followed me to shop for my glasses and we ended up buying gold shoes at ‘American Plaza’ :D. We later went out to watch Real Steele at the palms with Odun, Vese, Teju, Wale and Busola. That trip was a fantastic one. We took pictures with the Noisy Boy statue and with ‘no photography allowed’ sign. =))

We went for Tolani’s wedding together, and made fun of that guy that did one rap song at the reception. Do you remember when we baked together for my christmas get together and made the fruit salad?

And how you guys came for my mum’s birthday, when we watched that ‘dragon tattoo’ movie. You cooked the fried rice and of course we went shopping again for shoes.

And how she fell ill and we had to pray together for her recovery, run around for various things at A&E, and subsequently visit her on the wards, how that night we went to 411 to eat that terrible Ofada rice only to visit her that night to find her in respiratory distress. We went from 3rd floor to 4th floor, to the bank, to OTCHEW and back to 3rd floor, all in the bid to get oxygen.

How on valentine’s day, you hugged me and told me not to be sad.

How you pestered me to continue my series. How we’d gist about the twitter trends and TNC’s latest post. How we’d finish your coco pops. When Whitney died… So many memories…

At this point, I can barely see my screen, ’cause the tears are clouding my vision.

You this fair skinned, leggy lady came into our lives last August, became so entrenched in the fabric of our existence and it’s so hard to believe that in a few weeks, you’d be moving to another room far from us. Sorry the room issue didn’t work out, it hurt me a lot because I selfishly wanted to keep you close, where we’d see everyday and when you come back from school, you’d say in your high-pitched, shrill voice, ‘guess what happened today’.

I look around the room sometimes and think, my wardrobe will be empty, under my bed will soon be devoid of her box, her shoes will soon be gone from under the table and her pink bathroom slippers from in front of the room. I try to console myself that at least I’d have my space all to myself again, but at this point, I’d have to admit that I don’t want you to go, because you didn’t just move into my room, you moved into my heart, carved your own niche and became the little sister I never had.

I hope that somehow in all my inadequacies, I’ve impacted your life positively and been a good friend to you, like you have. Because I still can’t come to terms with the fact that you won’t always be there in our room, it won’t be the same to live without you.

But I know unlike the skillet song, our best memories won’t be in a dream I won’t want to wake up from, plus they won’t get cold, because we’d make new ones and the future will be better than the past and neither will I say ‘bittersweet memories’ like that Dolly Parton’s song. I won’t need to say, ‘Don’t wake me’, when the memories become dreams, ’cause I’d wake up and we’ll make better ones.

I’ve got to let you go, ’cause you have to go.

I love you my dear sister and friend Rolayo Ayomide Williams and I hope your new roommate is really worthy of you. Thanks for staying with us and giving us such awesome memories.

Never forget that all things are working together for your good and you’ll get superabundantly, far over and above all that you [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond your highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams].

This isn’t goodbye by the way. You just live a block away.


I remember the first time we met, in december 2010, you weren’t my type at all. I was used to the rich, luxurious, cool and sleek. And there you were so ordinary and basic, your shoes were so dusty like you hadn’t used them in days, so flat. But he liked you, he knew you were going to be best friends from the day he saw you. Your dad didn’t want him to get attached to you, your dad said he was somebody else’s. Your dad and he loved you, they still do, being that your dad had you first before your brother Joses came along. Well he wasn’t deterred by your dad, he found out your name, Joseph and took you in, dressed you up, took you shopping, changed your clothes, your shoes. He told your dad that both of you were meant to be together, you went everywhere, he didn’t want to be seen without you. And everywhere we went, you were there, his trusted ally, your daddy was very reserved about your friendship but he finally approved, we were so happy. Both of you, kindred spirit, together at noon, night, sometimes I wondered how he could take you on those long journeys, didn’t you ever get tired or angry? But both of you grew closer, you were his pride and joy, he bragged about you to everybody that cared to listen. I remember when he told you to take me somewhere and I hurt you so badly, I’m so sorry, it was an accident, I didn’t want the oncoming truck to hit us, we had to go to the police station to sort it out and I was so scared. He didn’t get angry at me, we took your battered form to the hospital, it took them over two weeks but they were really good, you recovered well and in no time were back ready to hit the road. By then I had grown so fond of you, I loved it when he, you and I hung out together a lot. Do you remember when we went to his parents’ house? We were all singing, happy then it happened like a dream, when out of no where that old man hit you and injured you, we were so sad, you couldn’t even walk. He had to spend the whole of Monday with you that day, but your doctors did their best and put you together. Before we knew it, you were back with us again. Do you remember that time when you both came to Lagos and we went to the palms and we saw one guy that was so tall, your head was barely touching his waist. We hung out till late, we had a lot of fun together, me, you, him and our friends. I remember when we came for my mummy’s birthday, we went to silverbird together, you had to stay outside though but it was a lot of fun.

It came as a shock to me when I heard that you were involved in another accident and he escaped unscathed because you took the brunt of the hit. I saw your picture, you are so banged up, I couldn’t look at you for too long without crying. You were so brave I hear him say, I see it in his eyes all the time that he misses you a lot. Now we’re looking for your hospital bill, so we can get you out of there. Every time I have to walk to the gate of my school or leave the premises, I think of you and all the good times we’ve had together, me, you and him. You brought us closer I should say and though it seemed like I couldn’t love you at the beginning, I want to say that I love you now so much and I miss you and I pray that God provides so we can get you out of that hospital so we can be together again.

For those of you wondering who this is about, it’s about my boyfriend’s little red car. His name is Joseph. Silly (not really) but true.

twisted paths episode 3- the storm

Hi everybody. Really trying to wrap up this story ASAP. Well my test was great, thanks for asking. I respect the people that write serial prose so effortlessly *doffing hat* (hope I got that spelling right) new respect for @thetoolsman. Moving on, well I hope you’re enjoying the series and if you’re not, well… (Mouth zipped). One of my friends will be guest blogging on these series, I haven’t told her yet and I’m sure by now, she’d have figured it out. Anyway, enjoy. As always, please use the comment box to voice out your opinion.
Yeah and to those who I copied on twitter, thanks for reading… Now to the main issue


His bathroom mirror was still foggy with the steam from the shower. He wiped it and his reflection stared back at him, he smiled and the guy on the other side of the mirror smiled back. It was time to get dressed, he had a hot date with a hot babe and he was taking her to Frille Laffet the new, exclusive restaurant in town, he needed to impress. He couldn’t believe his luck, the babe was hot like lava and she was a doctor. He began singing in a voice that was clearly only meant to be heard by the walls of his flat,’… I got a feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night…’ In his opinion, she seemed a little frigid, she obviously wasn’t the touching type, like all the others he had dated. Well he’d teach her, how to touch and be touched, the girl needed to loosen up and he was the man for the job. He changed his croaking number to, ‘see I got mo-o-o-oves like Jagger’ He wasn’t the most handsome of the bunch and Tayo Obafemi knew it, but what he didn’t have in looks, he made up for in charisma and that charisma was his weapon everywhere, at work, with the ladies, with his friends. He picked phone and dialled her number, she picked on the third ring, ‘hey love… How are you? Ok will be at your door in fifteen’.

In exactly fifteen minutes, Tayo, pulled over at Temi’s place. She was so nervous, it was getting dark and she hated being out in the dark, but she had to do this, she had to overcome this her morbid fear of the dark. She heard thunder rumble in the distance and she shuddered, ‘surely this is a bad omen’, she thought to herself. She hated storms too. She looked out her living room window at her date who was waiting for her and had to consciously force herself not to cancel. She had already told her neighbour to keep an eye on her house, so with a forced cheer she didn’t feel at all, she smiled and walked out to meet him. She looked at the sky again and mentally shook herself, she decided to have a great time, she entered the car and smiled at him.

Tayo thought he had died and gone to heaven the moment Temi Akande stepped out of her house wearing a red dress and black shoes, she had cut her hair, Halle Berry style. He watched her as she walked towards his car and whistled… Boy was she beautiful, her wardcoat did no justice to her at all. She smiled at him as she entered and he knew that Will-I-Am was a prophet.

Ifunnaya recognised the doctor as soon as she walked into the restaurant. She still remembered their last encounter, speaking of which, it was time for Samantha to take her insulin. She went into her office, where Samantha was studying, checked her daughter’s blood glucose and administered her insulin shot. ‘Mum’, the girl began, ‘is daddy coming back today?’. Her husband had travelled to Abuja and as usual she didn’t know when he’d be back, but one thing was for sure, he wasn’t coming back today. Mark never travelled and came back on the same day. ‘No baby, why are you asking?’, she answered. ‘Let’s go out to the movies and buy ice cream and popcorn’, the teen said with a smile on her face. ‘Ok baby, when mummy closes from work, we’ll go and see the eight-thirty movie, now finish your homework’. That was enough for Samantha, she faced her homework with all the seriousness she could muster, while Ifunnaya shut the door and smiled to herself. This was one of those few, priceless, peaceful periods she enjoyed anytime Mark wasn’t in town, it was just going to be her and her daughter, she heard the thunder in the distance and determined that no storm was going to ruin their time together.

Tayo was having a great time, Temi was laughing at all his jokes and he sure had a lot of jokes, he looked at her and thought to himself that he could actually fall in love with her. He looked at her hand on the table and held it in his, she stiffened slightly at the touch, he looked at her questioningly.’Temilola Akande, it’s just a touch on your hand, relax’, she silently spoke to herself and willed herself to relax, ‘see, not so bad’, she smiled at him and the evening wore on.

Ifunnaya studied the couple from where she was sitting giving orders to her staff, she remembered how it was a long time ago, the years faded and she was back in London with Mark. They were having dinner at Siree, their favourite spot in central London. They were the cynosure of all eyes, they were young and in love and they didn’t hide it. ‘…You are my dream come true Ifunnaya, I love you, I will never hurt you…’, her eyes filmed over as she heard him promise her forever. They were there till midnight, talking, laughing, eating, they walked out hand in hand oblivious to the world. The thunder clap rammed her back to the present, she looked round at her restaurant, Frille Laffet had been her dream since she was sixteen as well as some other dreams. Well at least one dream came true, she thought of Samantha and smiled, two dreams.

Temi jumped at the thunder clap, Tayo looked at her quizzically. ‘I hate thunderstorms’, she offered quietly as he paid the bill and they stood to leave. When they got outside, it was chilly and already drizzling, she glanced at the overcast sky and broke into a cold sweat.

The ride home was uneventful, ‘thank you for a beautiful evening’, she said to him as he walked her to her door, ‘I had a good time’, she just wanted to get inside her house, but Tayo didn’t look like he wanted to go anywhere. ‘Temi, it’s raining, can I come in for coffee?’, Tayo asked, ‘tonight must not waste o’, he thought to himself. Huh!!! Did she hear right? It was dark and raining of course not!!! But how do you turn someone who just showed you a beautiful time down, besides coffee never hurt anybody. ‘Ok’, she said and Tayo released the breath he didn’t realise he was holding. She turned on all her lights and her television, then excused herself and went to change her clothes before proceeding to the kitchen to make coffee and sandwiches.

Ifunnaya and Samantha were having the time of their lives. The rain had gotten heavier during the movie, but they were oblivious to it, they sang and giggled throughout the drive home. It was when she had finished parking her range rover in its spot that Samantha said softly, ‘Daddy is home’. Ifunnaya looked at her watch, 10:25pm, the rule was 8pm, she prayed that this storm will pass quickly and uneventfully, lightning flashed, thunder responded and heaven’s gates opened a little wider.

‘Where are you coming from?’, her husband said the moment they came through the front door. Without replying him, ‘Samantha, go to your room’, Ifunnaya said to her daughter. Samantha did as she was told. He stood up and approached his wife…

He certainly didn’t want to watch television, what sensible man watches television when a beautiful woman is making coffee in the kitchen? So with that resolve, he found her kitchen easily enough and walked up to her with intention of turning her around and kissing her. Temi was cutting ham with her kitchen knife when all of a sudden, she felt someone’s hands on her.

It was him. The monster from her past. The one who ruined everything and took everything from her.

Lightning flashed, she had been waiting for this time, she had known he would come back and this time he would pay, with all the strength in her, she pushed him against the counter, she heard his grunt of pain.

‘Please… Please… Don’t do it, I’ll give you all my money’ Those eyes mocked her, he laughed, then he pinned her to the wet floor, ‘Help!!!’, she screamed, ‘somebody!!! Please!!!’, he slapped her and swiped her with his knife. ‘Shut up, you whore or I will cut you up’, she cried, she fought him with everything, but she was no match for his strength. She looked at him again… Those eyes… She’d find him, she swore to herself. She didn’t even hear him rip her jeans, she clawed at his eyes, he slapped her again. She was weak now, she had no fight left in her, her tears, the metallic taste of blood and the rain mixed together in her mouth. Thunder clapped again, and in that same moment, he robbed her of everything. The pain was searing, white hot…

She was on the floor that night, she had begged and begged, but he hadn’t listened to her plea. Now he would beg and she won’t listen, he got up and came closer to her, a curious look in his eyes, she laughed. It was cold and mirthless, ‘you bastard, I’ve been waiting for you’, she said to him ominously.

Tayo was confused, what was happening? He approached her, she kicked him in the groin and he doubled over in a heap of pain. Something was wrong, what had he done wrong? Who was this girl? Was he dreaming?
She kicked him again, lightning flashed, he saw the look in her eyes, the faraway determined look in her eyes, and the knife in her now raised hand, he tried standing up but he couldn’t. He began to pray…