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Another place, another time, another life


I love you too’, she cooed back into the phone while doodling in her notebook sporting this huge smile on her face. Nobody could argue against it, they were in love, Chinenye and Ifeanyi were the school couple. They went everywhere, did everything together. Their feelings for each other were so obvious, almost touchable.

‘I go love o’,  teased on of her classmates, Dayo. She smiled. He sat beside her and they began talking, their classmates were getting rowdy while waiting for the lecturer who was already 30minutes late. People were cracking jokes, others were laughing uncontrollably, Chinenye was laughing so hard, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

‘Prof said he won’t be able to make it,  the class will hold tomorrow by 12 noon ‘, the class representative announced.

Everyone stood up to leave, the jokes were still on, at least the day was over early so they could meet to work on their project.

They met in the seminar room every evening, discussing, exchanging ideas, rubbing minds. The occasional heated exchange of words occurred, there were a few volatile ones among them.

Somehow, Chinenye and Dayo grew close, they confided in each other about different things, family, their respective relationships, school challenges, future goals. Somewhere at the back of her mind, she noticed that they were alike in some ways and that he was good looking.

She began to look out for him in class, it was a subtle fondness. She didn’t see it as anything plus nobody saw it as anything. Any blind person could see that she was in love with her boyfriend Ifeanyi.

On one of those nights when Ifeanyi traveled out of campus, she and her classmates were putting finishing touches to their project presentation, so they finished quite late and Dayo decided to walk her to her hostel, they began talking about the project, plans after graduation, when she suddenly tripped over a rock, Dayo caught her and suddenly the atmosphere changed. He looked into her eyes, and didn’t let go. She stared back in confusion, then gently pulled back and they continued their journey in silence.

Days became weeks, weeks became months, and final exams were around the corner.

Ifeanyi was a darling during exams as usual, he sent food to her, bought her a new rechargeable lamp, made sure that nothing else but the exams was taking her time and energy.

Graduation day came at last, she hugged her classmates for what might be the last time, Dayo’s girlfriend, parents and well wishers were around to celebrate, hers were as well.

As soon as the graduands flocked out of the hall in their academic gowns, people came to hug and congratulate, photographers were snapping away and it was in the midst of the excitement that Ifeanyi held Chinenye’s hand, looked into her eyes, smiled and wordlessly went on one knee.

All the females began screaming as he asked her to be his wife. With tears in her eyes and joy in her heart, she said yes.

They got married a year later.

She and her classmates still kept in touch and while they were talking on their group chat one of those random evenings, she looked through her yearbook which was propped on her protruding belly, she stopped at Dayo’s picture and smiled. She closed the book, put out her bedside lamp and cuddled her sleeping husband.

Her last thoughts before drifting off to sleep were, ‘we might have worked though and probably in another place, another time, another life, it would have been awesome to be in love with Dayo’

She woke up to stare at her still sleeping husband, smiled and cuddled him closer and thought to herself, ‘even then, Ifeanyi would have come to her life somehow’.

‘I guess I’ll never know, but I know that I got the best deal’,  she snapped out of her musings and went to urinate.


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4 responses to “Another place, another time, another life

  1. adewale hassan ⋅

    welcome back. I kinda want to hear more, because something tells me this story hasnt ended yet. Kudos.

  2. 'Laolu ⋅

    Really? To urinate? Ok. Good story though. Not your typical love triangle.

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